6 Meter Antennas

A502HB Base Station Yagi Beam

I am testing the Diamond small 6 Meter Beam mounted underneath the home brew Moxon Wire  Antenna for 6 meters. Based on it's small size and reduced weight this antenna is mounted on a push up pole in the my backyard.

A502HB Base Station Yagi Beam

Special Features:

• High Gain 

• Easy Assembly 

• Great for base or portable use.

• Quality Construction

• Factory adjusted – no tuning required.Power Rating: 400 watts P.E.P., 130 watts FM

Frequency: 50-54 MHz

Band: 6m Yagi (2 element)

Connector: UHF

Gain: 6.3 dBi

Weight: 3.75 lbs.

Length: 2.6'

Max Wind Resistance: 80 MPH

Home Made 6 Mtr Moxon Wire Antenna

I built these (2) Moxons utilizing flexible driveway snow  stake markers and wire from Home Depot

The top version is tuned for 6 Mtrs and the bottom version is for 2 Mtr SSB.  I mounted these antennas on a simple push up pole with a rotor. Excellent gain on both bands with good directionality

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