Mobile Marine

Operating Mobile Marine During the Summer from Rock Hall MD.

I also operate from Rock Hall MD, aboard our Silverton Motor Yacht, located on the Chesapeake Bay. Rock Hall. Rock Hall is a pristine waterfront town located directly on the National Chesapeake Scenic Byway in Kent County, Maryland, United States. I operate on FM with the local repeaters from Baltimore and Annapolis.

Yacht Set up for 40 Meter and 20 Meter

  • Vertical 17 foot with Wolf Coil mounted on Motoryacht for 20 and 40 Meters

  • MFG 17 foot adjustable whip with Wolf Coil mounted on Fly Bridge

  • Guest Dyna Plate for the counterpoise

  • Home Brew 2-meter ground dipole

FT991 On the Fly Bridge

17 foot Retractable Antenna for 40 and 20 Mtrs with Wolf Coil


VHF Antenna and 440 / 2 Mtr

Guest Dynaplate for Counterpoise -Bronze grounding plates replace yards of copper foil. Looks like a solid bronze plate, but actually a porous matrix of bronze spheres, presenting the same effective electrical surface as a much larger expanse of copper foil. The Dynaplate is made of what is known as sintered bronze, think of the plate as a metallic 'sponge". Looked at under a microscope it will look like thousands of bronze colored BBs all connected together.

A Summer Morning

Sails Tails on the Bay

Cruising the Bay

On the Way to Cape May