Being in the Moment in Cape May 

Being In the Moment in Cape May During the 6 Mtr Sprint

Cape May NJ Saturday May 11 2024 - 7 PM AA2SD/R - As I prepare for the VHF Sprint for 6 Mtrs in Cape May, my vehicle is perched at the entrance of the Delaware Bay across from the Cape May Ferry. As this is not the best place from an elevation standpoint for radio transmissions, although  this is a tranquil spot for being in the moment. Being in the moment, to me, is focusing on what you are doing without distractions.

As I elevate the beam antenna into a brisk wind across the bay, the laughing gulls sweep down and cry out , almost beckoning me at my feeble attempt to set up my rover station. I check the SWR, align the rotor, and begin to transmit. The soft glow of the lighted Yaesu rotor control inside the blacked out car cabin adds a warming feeling. The cell phone is now off, no outside distraction and I anticipate the crackle of the speaker with another distant radio operator responding to my call.

The magic of Ham radio is not knowing  who will be your contact next, a friendly call sign response,a new grid square or maybe dead air….. The day comes to a close with a beautiful sunset across the bay, and I can feel the evening air start to cool as twilight moves to darkness. For a moment I turn off the radio, smell the bay, as the early Spring breeze across the Delaware bay brings a familiar scent. It’s the start of another summer season in Cape May, and I am glad to be experiencing it with my new found hobby and friends. I  turn up the RF again, and a familiar voice has found me in this special space.

I have a compromised antenna set up at home, as I operate from a town house. I have discovered Roving to these remote locations during the VHF Sprints, contests and POTA activations.  I enjoy the challenge of setting up these portable stations, and being in the moment at these unique places. 

As twilight falls, the temperature drops, with a cool spring breeze, and I de-construct the antenna and mast and store the  cables with a simple flashlight as my only source of light, and pack up my equipment for another spot to move to.

 It has been a good day, and I thank everyone that has pointed a beam to me, for a brief conversation during this magical evening. Take the time to be in the moment, enjoy the day and reach out to that Rover or POTA operator and become that voice on the other side of the QSO.




Ready to Go with a 4 Element Beam for the Start of the VHF Sprint

Packing up The 6 Mtr Beam with a Flashlight during the VHF Sprint