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Pinelands Preserve National Conservation Area


Dear Fellow Club Members and Friends

Thank you for taking the time to make contact with us in the NJ Pinelands at the Amatol NJ historic speedway location this past Sunday. We activated this unique park location on the ground remnants of the first turn of this abandoned oval speedway. A special thanks to the following SJRA members  "Joe" KC2SGV and "Jim" KE2AYY for joining in on this very unique and historic location in the Pinelands of NJ.  All that remains today of this track is the faint ground footprint outline  in the NJ Pinelands.

Follow along with me on You Tube during this Activation

I  am pleased to announce that I will be activating the following location:

Please Look for the call sign K2AA or AA2SD on the link above

Pinelands Preserve National Conservation Area


The Pinelands National Reserve consists of approximately 1.1 million acres in southern New Jersey. It represents 22% of the state's total land area and includes portions of seven counties 

Updated Start Time

Activation at 12:00

Sunday Oct 15th

Visit the Spotting Page and look up K2AA  you can find me on the  listed frequencies' below or check the Pota Spotting Page (click the green  button)

Grid Square FM29po

October Spooktacular K2AA Activation in Wharton State Forest 

The Fall crisp air is back, and the Heat of the Summer is gone, Follow AA2SD activating for K2AA in the Wharton State Forest and follow the Legend of the Jersey Devil.

We plan to search for the remnants of the  Amatol Raceway. It was the largest wooden race track at one time, built on the remains of an old WW1 Munitions depot . This track called the Atlantic City Speedway was located 25 miles to the west of Atlantic City, near Hammonton in Mullica Township built in 1926. Follow the activation plans here.

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The Atlantic City Speedway was a board oval racing track located near Hammonton, New Jersey. The track was built in 1926, and hosted eight American Automobile Association sanctioned races before the track was demolished in 1933.[1 

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