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Thanks for helping to activate this Park

We successfully activated the Park Saturday morning for K2AA, and had great success with the new Delta Loop Antenna for 10 Meters. The bands were very busy but we made over 80 QSO's.  A Special Thanks to Robert KF2Z as the second operator, and to all of the help from Sam KF3G, Joe KC2SGV and Alan K3WWT  and Rick WC2K, for spotting us during Saturday. We used a FT891 at 100 watts with a 32 foot vertical antenna with radials, and a Delta loop at 15 feet from the base.

This POTA activation spot is set up in a pristine nature wildlife management area located at Salem RIver NJ in the Mannington Marsh. on a small viewing platform.

Come along for the ride with the YouTube video below, of our activation here. I did not record the QSo's on the video, as we were very busy with the 2 operators.

Visit the Spotting Page and look up K2AA  you can find me on the  listed frequencies' below or check the Pota Spotting Page (click the green  button)

Join me this Saturday March 11 staring at 11:00 AM EST

Mannington Marsh Wildlife Refuge in Salem NJ

Park K-8050

Saturday March 11th

Starting on 20 Meters first 

More info on the 10 Meter Delta Loop here