6 Mtr Stressed Moxon Test

Quick Portable 6Mtr Stressed Moxon from Par 

AA2SD/R -Thanks to all fellow Club members and operators that participated in the Antenna Test of the Par Moxon Antenna SM-50 on 6 Mtrs from the Delaware Ebright Azimuth location. We had excellent participation from the Pack Rats and SJRA Members. 

This antenna performed well with a very quick set up. Par claims the following specifications of 5.8 DBi and 17DB F/B.  The drive element is constructed of a 7 feet section of ¾ aluminum and the antenna breaks down for convenient storage. This antenna is ideal for a quick Rover Setup or mountain topping. If you live in a restricted HOA home, you can quickly set this antenna up on a fence pole or deck area to work some contacts like I do at home.  I plan to use this during the June ARRL contest, for quick set ups as I move from overlook to another location.

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Scott AA2SD/R