Lums Pond Activation with KE5NJ

PackRat Operators “Get on the Bus with Chris KE5NJ” for a Delaware POTA Activation Located at Lums Pond 

AA2SD -Thanks to all fellow Club members and operators that participated in the Parks on the Air Activation in Delaware at Lums Pond with Chris KE5NJ and friends. Chris has been Licensed since July 1977,. A retired Air Force pilot with over 36 years of service, Chris along with the help of Gurnie N3YXT. and friends, have crafted a radio tower and converted a school bus into a dedicated ham radio bus for portable and Parks on the Air and Rover operation.

Chris KE5NJ joined the following operators to activate this park,  Scott AA2SD, Robert KF2Z, Gurnie  N3YXT, and Ken KR1KEN. Chris is the President of Kent Amateur Radio Society K3ARS and also a fellow Pack Rack Member. 

“ It was a blustering March Day in Delaware with lots of wind. The KE5NJ bus provided all of the comforts of operating at home including fresh coffee on brew, along with 6 Mtr and full HF capability. Chris deployed a vertical antenna along with a 4 element 6 Mtr antenna for this activation, we enjoyed the camaraderie with fellow hams Ken, Gurney and Robert” says Scott D Pack Rat and SJRA member.

Scott AA2SD/R