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Remote TX

Android Screen

Remote TX from the Chesapeake Bay

Remote TX is an excellent way to provide reliable Internet Remote access to your radios with your PC, Ipad, or Android Phone.

The setup is very simple with the 991A, with a USB interface and Raspberry Device. I used the Raspberry 4 keyboard device purchased from Amazon. The total cost for the Raspberry Kit was $120 including the micro SD card, you can get less expensive Raspberry devices, but this was the only available device at the time. Remote TX also provides a 30-day trial to test your device

Ham Radio Remote Control from Anywhere.

The RemoteTx® ham radio remote control system is an economical way to control your amateur radio station through the Internet with a phone, tablet, Mac, or PC. There are 3 main parts to the solution. Visit the site to review the solution.

I am using the Remote TX feature to access my Rig while traveling, and aboard a boat. I have used this for HF and FM and the audio reports are good with the standard mobile phone microphone. The support from Remote TX is excellent, they respond quickly and will help with any questions you have during setup.

This is a great way to check into a NET, or just stay in touch away from your Rig. You can also turn the 991A on/off from the app. I have used the remote feature with both wi-fi and 4G service, with no problems.

-Remote TX is an innovative way to stay in touch and use your smartphone PC or tablet.


The RemoteTx ham radio remote control system is in active development. It’s modular design allows adding compatibility with a wide range of radios and devices.

Currently it has interfaces that work with the following radios:

Icom IC-7100 (with vhf/uhf)

Icom IC-7200

Icom IC-7300

Icom IC-7300 with spectrum scope

Icom IC-7610

Icom IC-705 with spectrum scope (HF only)

Yaesu FT-991/a (with vhf/uhf)

Elecraft KX2/KX3 (HF Only)

Elecraft K3/s