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Thank you for visiting my page and making a new contact with my station

My main focus is Parks on the Air  Activations in the North East Area including NY, PA, NJ, MD, and Delaware. My home QTH is located in Berlin NJ and I also operate mobile marine from Rock Hall MD aboard the motor yacht Scott-Free.  

I am a proud member of the South Jersey Radio Club and the Phil Mont Radio Club. I have also recently been supported with help from the Pack Rats Club in Mount Airy.  The support, guidance, and friendship from these local clubs have all helped me in my introduction to amateur radio as a new operator.

June VHF Contest   Saturday, June 10 - 11 2023

I am pleased to announce, that I will be operating as a ROVER set up for my first VHF Contest on Saturday and Sunday. This will be combined with a Parks on the Air Activation at High Point State Park POTA K-1619  High Point State Park. 

You can track me with

 APRS.Fi by entering the SSID  AA2SD-5 in the search area for track call sign.

 I will operate as Single Operator Limited Rover (RL) under the call sign AA2SD.

Rover AA2SD - track SSID AA2SD-5

I am new to HAM Radio and recently passed my Tech and General Operator exam in March 2022. I completed my upgrade to Amateur Extra in October 2022.  I was always interested in CB Radio back in the 70's and started with a Lafayette Comstat 25 Tube Rig and three-element beam antenna on the CB Band. I still have that same old tube rig and it operates today. 

Being new to the Hobby I am just now setting up my new base station in an HOA environment with antenna restrictions located in Berlin New Jersey. I  operate a Yaesu 991a with a Diamond X50 Antenna for FM and a G5RV Junior dipole located in my attic.

I worked as a National Sales and Marketing Director in Consumer Electronics field, which includes Consumer Retail Product Launches and worked for both RCA Consumer Electronics and General Electric for a period over 24 years, along with Vonage VOIP.

I would like to thank all of the experienced HAM operators that have been not only welcoming but extremely helpful in getting me started in this new Hobby. I enjoy operating on the local FM repeater, and have been testing WIREX Digital communications as I start to make contacts on HF on the 40 and 20 Meter Bands

Thank You



Formerly KD2YST


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