Final Jan 2024 Rove

Thank You for Working Me During the Jan 2023 VHF Contest!

This year's contest we experienced one of the coldest snaps in some time here on the East Coast during the contest weekend. Ice on antennas, delays in travel and not the best band conditions. Despite that we made 194 QSO’s and worked 33 total grids including your contacts.  Personally, as a Rover I visited Sandy Hooky, Lancaster, Welsh Mountain and operated from FN30, FN20, FM29, FM19 and FN10.

 I appreciate your contact and look forward to our June 2024 contest.

73 Scott AA2SD/R

Here is my Preliminary Raw Score for my 2 day Rove this past weekend. The colder weather and wind really impacted my ability to put up larger antennas at each site. at Sandy Hook, I did complete Mount Mitchel and the Twin Lights in the Atlantic Highlands of NJ,  and I scratched Cape May. I was able to complete the planned Rove in Lancaster with Welsh Mountain with the following grids. I also experienced much slower drive times, due to the ice and weather. The positive is that I was able to make over 40% of my calls "on the run mobile" with omni directional halo antennas. and digitally record the audio QSO for logging after the drive. The Database and live map, worked very well for on the move contacts

Quick Summary below to follow with a video next week of the trip coming..

ARRL Section : SNJ

        Club/Team : Mount Airy Pack Rats

         Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.10003.0

        Band     QSOs     Pts  Grd  Pt/Q

          50      65      65    8   1.0

         144      74      74    9   1.0

         222      16      32    5   2.0

         420      38      76    6   2.0

       Total     193     247   28   1.3

            Score : 6,916

Thanks to all that worked  me on site and on the Run !




Thank you  everyone for contacting me on the Rove!