Diamond BB7 Vertical

Diamond BB7 Vertical Antenna

The Diamond BB-7V is a lightweight, wide range HF vertical. Due to a strongly

varying impedance over the large frequency spectrum, a manual or autotuner

with a large tuning range is necessary for the adjustment.


The housing of the matching network contains a 6:1 UNUN transformer and a

non-inductive 600 Ohm / 120 Watt terminating resistor.


While using the new digital modes FT8 / FT4 / WSPR, there is an excessive

load for the antenna and other equipment due to continuous carrier broadcast.

Then reduce the output power for all Diamond antennas to max. 1/5 of the

specified SSB(PEP) max. power. .

BB7V Multiband Vertical Antenna

BB7V   The new BB7V multiband vertical antenna provides coverage from 2 MHz to 30 MHz

without radials and requires the use of a tuner. In its nested configuration it is only 60” long and weighs in at 4.5 pounds. It has 6 telescoping sections that extend to a length of 22 feet when fully deployed. The telescoping sections are self locking (no hardware to lose) and can be raised or lowered in less than a minute. For permanent use the sections can be locked in place with a single screw per section. The extreme ease of raising and lowering this antenna will make it a favorite for those who have antenna restrictions or travelers wanting a quick and easy wide band antenna solution. The BB7V is a very slim, low profile antenna.


Frequency: 2-30 MHz (with antenna tuner)

Impedance (nominal): 50 ohms

Power Rating: 250 watts PEP

Length: 60" collapsed, 22' fully extended

Weight: 4.5 pounds

Connector: UHF


Impedance matching transformer

Diamond BB7 Mounted on a Fence Post