Antenna Test and POTA

SJRA Club Members and Pack Rat Members Collaborate to Activate the  Green Bank NJ POTA Location and Complete a 222 MHz Antenna Test

For Immediate Release  Nov 06 2023

Several SJRA members and supporting Pack Rat Club members in the field, activated the Green Bank NJ POTA Site on November 5th within the Wharton State Forest. During this POTA activation we completed a successful antenna test on 222MHz and also activated the Park on 6Mtrs and 40 Mtrs HF.

AA2SD was testing a newly built 12 element 222 MHz Yagi design which was built by “Ray” N3RG to the K1FO specifications. “ This antenna performed flawlessly, utilizing a Demi Transvertor with 30 watts, we were able to make several contacts, and also work Alex KR1ST over 120 miles from this park location with a simple push up pole.

In addition to the antenna test, we also activated the POTA park on 40 Mtrs and 6 Mtrs, with many new SJRA members working the bands for the first time.  We had great support from SJRA Members and the Pack Rats in the field on 6 and 222 MHz.. 

Thanks once again to the following SJRA and Pack Rat  members below for participating. You can follow along with the activation at the following YouTube Link.

Jim KC3BVL  Alex KR1ST  Ray N3RG  Chuck WA2ONK

Alan K3WWT  Joe KC2SGV  Glen  KE2BUO Melissa KE2BWZ

Andrew KE2BRA Jim  KE2AYY Sam KF3G

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