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Thank you for visiting my page and making a new contact with my station

New Vanity Call Sign effective 11/15/2022


I am new to HAM Radio and recently passed my Tech and General operator exam in March 2022. I completed my upgrade to Amateur Extra in October 2022. I was always interested in CB Radio back in the 70's and started with a Lafayette Comstat 25 Tube Rig and three-element beam antenna on the CB Band. I still have that same old tube rig and it operates today.

Being new to the Hobby I am just now setting up my new base station in an HOA environment with antenna restrictions located in Berlin New Jersey. I operate a Yaesu 991a with a Diamond X50 Antenna for FM and a G5RV Junior dipole located in my attic.

I worked as a National Sales and Marketing Director in Consumer Electronics field, which includes Consumer Retail Product Launches and worked for both RCA Consumer Electronics and General Electric for a period over 24 years, along with Vonage VOIP.

I would like to thank all of the experienced HAM operators that have been not only welcoming but extremely helpful in getting me started in this new Hobby. I enjoy operating on the local FM repeater, and have been testing WIREX Digital communications as I start to make contacts on HF on the 40 and 20 Meter Bands

Thank You



Formerly KD2YST


  • Yaesu FT 991A 100 Watts

  • Yaesu FTDX10

  • Yaesu 891 (Portable POTA use)

  • Heath Kit SB200 Amp

  • D-104 Microphone

  • Heathkit SB200 Amplifier

Antennas at Home

Attic Antennas

  • Diamond X200 Dual Band Base Antenna UHF VHF

  • 20-meter dipole in the attic

  • Homemade fan dipole measured for 15 and 10 meter

  • G5RV Multiband HF Antenna

  • Homemade Wire Moxon Antenna

Testing 6 Meter Home Made Moxon Antenna

Mobile Antennas

  • Diamond 770

  • Diamond 790

  • Yeseau ATAS120