Portable Antenna Set Ups

Portable Antenna Set up for Parks on the Air

These are a few of tested antenna configurations that I have deployed successfully with my Parks on the Air Activations. Each Parks on the Air site is unique and I take a different approach to maximize contacts.  I use a fiberglass retractable mast with an overall length of 32 feet.  For each antenna deployment I also use a set of (4) counterpoise radials with a quick disconnect at the base of the antenna.

32 Foot Vertical  Antenna for Parks on the Air Portable  Use

Inverted L Dipole Antenna for Parks on the Air Portable  Use

Sloper Antenna for Parks on the Air Portable  Use

17 Foot MFG Retractable Whip with a Wolf River Coil for Portable  Use

Wolf Coil Set Up

17 Feet Retractable Whip Set Up On Shore  Line

17 Feet Retratacble Whip Set up in a Park

Coax Vertical Antenna for 10 Meters

Half Square Antenna with (2) 1/4 Wave Dipoles

Delta Loop Antenna Mounted on a Push Up Pole

Excellent Antenna for HOA Stealth Operation

This is an excellent portable antenna. I mounted this on white vinyl fence with a ground rod. I live in a restricted HOA environment and can not put up a large antenna. I did add (6) ground radials in the yard which made a big difference. 

I was able to make contact on 20 meter and 15 meter to Germany, PR, Antigua, Italy, Cayman Islands and the Bahamas. The antenna has a very slim profile and can easily be folded down into the stealth position when not in use. These contact s were made with no coil, I am adding a Wolf Coil to the antenna to help with the other bands.

MFG 1979 

Whip Antenna, Telescopic, Mobile, Stainless Steel, 10-section, Adjustable, 17 ft. Extended Length, Each