VHF Sprint

Sprint Mini Rove AA2SD/R

6 mtrs May 11, 2024       0700 PM – 1100 PM Local

On the Way to Cape May - Let's Connect on the VHF Sprint Saturday Evening 5/11 and Visit Some Historical Locations

I will be on a Mini Rove Saturday evening to participate in the VHF Spring 6 Mtr Sprint from (2) Historical locations in Cape May.  I will be operating with Horizontal Halo Antenna on the go, and will set up a small beam at the first location. I will be operating as a Rover  AA2SD/R  on  50.128 and up SSB, and will switch to FT8 during the last hour of the Sprint.

Call Sign      AA2SD/R

Frequency   50.128  +/-

Locations:    (2 Grid Squares FM29MA FM28MW)

Equipment:  FT891 Mobile - 200 Watt Amp - 4 Element Beam Fixed Operation and Halo for Rover Operation

Contact:       Text me at 609 254 7120 to arrange a sched

Track and find your beam headings at the K1RZ / W3SZ Database - https://w3sz.com/map.php      

You can text me at 609 254 7120 to arrange a SKED .  I will be monitoring the K2DX/r repeater 145.390 Frequency, 145.390- ; Input, 144.790 ; PL Tone, 91.5.  

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