Rover Schedule June VHF 

VHF ARRL Contest 

The bands operating will be:

 I will operate as a Single Operator Limited Rover (RL) call sign AA2SD.

You can track me with APRS.Fi by entering the SSID  AA2SD-5 in the search area for track call sign. 

Hello Packrats and all Friends. I will  be  changing my rover schedule this morning to attempt to cross (4) grid squares today in the Poconos mountain area. Please follow me on the mobile ap at the following link and enter APRS SSID number AASD-5 to track my location. I will be monitoring from grid FN21 during my transit time.

I plan to arrive at the first stop around 8:00and 9:00 EST and look forward to working you on the air, times may vary based on travel conditions, and antenna set up time.

Rover Limited 


6 Mtr /222

Link for APRS!lat=39.9528&lng=-75.1646

Starting Grid  FN21gg

Track Me on APRS.FI enter call AA2SD-5

Track me on I send a beacon during travel to all park locations and while roving with call sign AA2SD


AA2SD-5 (make sure your track AA2SD-5 SSID for rover application)