VHF Spring Sprint

The Central States VHF Society is proud to sponsor the 2024 Spring Sprints!  

Your Central States VHF Society Spring Sprints Committee: Kent O'Dell, KA2KQM  Mike Metroka, WB8BZK  Jon Platt, W0ZQ

AA2SD/R Sprint as a  Rover During the 2 Mtr Sprint

AA2SD-R- 144 MHz VHF Sprint  Monday April 1, 2024  -  This was my first VHF Sprint as a Rover operating from 2 local grid squares. Very good activity from Pack Rats, I had a total of 62 contacts in 7 Grids from FN20 and FM 29. I also worked a number of contacts on the go with a simple Halo antenna with the roof rack. I worked the contest from 7PM to 11PM. All contacts were made on phone, and I tested FT8 from the Rover in the last 15 minutes and made 3 contacts. For this sprint I used an ELK 5 Element Log Periodic antenna and a Halo mounted on my roof rack. I use the ELK,  as it assembles very quickly, it's lightweight with good gain, and it can  be used with a fiberglass push up pole on location.

Now I know why they call it a Sprint, I had limited time to video, with the driving, QSO's , and antenna set up...Lots of Fun as my First Sprint !

Thanks to all that worked me during the Sprint Sprint 

Quick You Tube of Set up during the Sprint