Antennas Deployed in the Attic 

Elk 2 Mtr 440 Small Log Periodic Antenna Horizontal Mount

Elk Antennas 2M/440L5 Dual-Band Antenna dual-band Log Periodic antenna Having both 2 Meter and 70 cm Bands in a compact, two foot long package, without having to bother with a duplexer 

Fan Dipole in Attic for 10 and 15 Meters

Squalo Antena for 6 Meters


144 / 440 MHz Dualband Fiberglass Base Station Vertical Antenna - 99.6 Inches Ta

ZS6BKW / G5RV Optimized Multi Band HF Dipole Antenna Poly-Stealth

Attic 2M/440 with Rotor Vetical Mount

HYS Dual Band Yagi Antenna, 2Meter 70CM 144/430Mhz 9.5/11.5dBi Outdoor Base Antenna

 VHF UHF Yagi antenna with 8 elements, 

RCA VH226E Programmable Outdoor Antenna Rotator

Set up to 12 stations for automatic antenna positioning with the programmable memory

Infrared remote control allows you to fine tune your outdoor antenna easily from inside your home for a perfect picture

Digital display indicates preset and antenna position during operation

1296 MHz Yagi

Home Brew Yagi - The design and specs are from WA5VJB. He says the measured gain is 13.5dbi. 

The booms used for these antennas is 1/2" X 3/4" wood. 

1296 MHz This antenna is the veteran of several "Grid Peditionst' and has measured 13.5 dBi on the CSVHFS antenna range. Dimensions must be followed with great care. The driven element is small enough to allow .I41 simi-rigid to be used instead of RG-58. I used 118" Silicon Bronze welding rod for the elements, but any 118" dia material can be used. 

Follow the link here for the build info

1296 Home Made Yagi

10 Elements

Wooden Boom

Antennas Deployed Outdoor for HF

Fence Mount MFG Retractable with Wolf Coil

Fan Dipole in Attic  for 10 and 15 Mtrs

Vertical  Wire Antenna for 20 Meters  FT8 contacts

Moxon For 6 Meters

70 CM Yagi

Palomar End Feed Dipole with 9:1 UNUN

Moxon for 2 Meters Stacked below 6 Meter Moxon

Watch the build plan here

Diamond BB7 Collapsible Vertical

Fence mounted with several counterpoise ground radials

Vertical 22' Diamond BB7

In its nested configuration it is only 60” long and weighs in at 4.5 pounds. It has 6 telescoping sections that extend to a length of 22 feet when fully deployed. The telescoping sections are self locking (no hardware to lose) and can be raised or lowered in less than a minute. For permanent use the sections can be locked in place with a single screw per section. 

Diamond BB7 Mounted on Fence

The new BB7V multiband vertical antenna provides coverage from 2 MHz to 30 MHz

without radials and requires the use of a tuner.



2-30 MHz (with antenna tuner)

Impedance (nominal):

50 ohms

Power Rating:

250 watts PEP


60" collapsed, 22' fully extended


4.5 pounds



Diamond BB7 Mount

The extreme ease of raising and lowering this antenna will make it a favorite for those who have antenna restrictions or travelers wanting a quick and easy wide band antenna solution. The BB7V is a very slim, low profile antenna.

Mobile Antennas for HF and 2 Meters and 70 CM

Nagoya UT-72 Super Loading Coil 19-Inch Magnetic Mount (Heavy Duty) VHF/UHF

Yaesu ATAS 120 Auto Screwdriver

Diamond  NR770 

144 / 440 MHz Dualband Vertical Mobile Antenna - 40 Inches tall 

Diamond SG7900 Supergainer Dual Band 62 inches

Antennas Deployed for Mobile Marine

Mobile Marine Antenna for 2M and 70 cm Stainless Steel J Pole form B2 Square Engineering

J-Pole Antenna: 2 M / 70cm HAM 

I installed this antenna on a 40 foot Motor Yacht on the fly Bridge. I am easily hitting repeaters 40-50 miles with low power settings across the Chesapeake Bay. This antenna is excellent one piece, corrosion resistant, silver brazed construction. It comes with a simple tab for mounting, and you can use a stainless hose clamp or drill holes to mount the antenna. I have used this both on 70 and 2 meter and the antennas performance is excellent. Very good construction for use in a marine environment. The height of the installed antenna is about 12 feet above the waterline, plus the length of the antenna. I also tested this on a low power hand held with very positive results. 

Visit B 2Square Engineering Here

Antenna Specifications:

Overall Height: 58 ½ inches

Bandwidth: (VSWR < 2:1) See actual SiteMaster Plots below:

VHF: 133~153 MHz UHF:439~457 MHz

Gain:VHF: 3.4 dBi UHF: 4.3 dBi

Next---at a right angle from the two-meter "J"---is a 70-centimeter j pole. This revolutionary design means parasitic distortions are eliminated. All the valuable RF energy is radiated where it does the most good!  Bandwidth has been dramatically increased on the VHF band.  VSWR has been optimized for the FM repeater portion of the UHF band.

MFG 1979  Retractable Whip Antenna for HOA Set Up or Portable Use with Parks on the Air

   Excellent Antenna for HOA Stealth Operation

This is an excellent portable antenna. I mounted this on white vinyl fence with a ground rod. I live in a restricted HOA environment and can not put up a large antenna. I did add (6) ground radials in the yard which made a big difference. 

I was able to make contact on 20 meter and 15 meter to Germany, PR, Antigua, Italy, Cayman Islands and the Bahamas. The antenna has a very slim profile and can easily be folded down into the stealth position when not in use. These contact s were made with no coil, I am adding a Wolf Coil to the antenna to help with the other bands.

MFG 1979 

Whip Antenna, Telescopic, Mobile, Stainless Steel, 10-section, Adjustable, 17 ft. Extended Length, Each