NJ QSO Party Sept 16

On the Road Again AA2SD Rover NJ QSO Party Saturday 9/16

Thanks to all that contacted me during the NJ QSO Party

I will be operating Saturday for the NJ QSO Party starting at Noon  as a Rover. I plan on sticking to 40 Meters and may try 10  and 20 Mtrs.You can follow location on APRS.FI  https://aprs.fi/ and enter AA2SD-5  

As a Rover you can work me in each individual county as a new contact.  I will operate a 100% mobile rover with an ATAS120 antenna and fT891. I plan to stick to 40M during most of the contest.

(PLEASE NOTE corrected Frequencies + based on conditions)

Please support your local Clubs and work me from the road, all of my score will be attributed to the South Jersey Radio Association.

Mobile or portable stations that change geographic area (county for NJ stations or S/P/DX for others) are considered to be a new station and may be contacted again for QSO points and multiplier credit.