Fellow Pack Rats

Fellow Rats K3MD, N3RG, KC3BVL, N2DEQ and N2SCJ Team Up to Help AA2SD/R Rover During the January 2024 Contest

AA2ASD- I would like to personally thank all of the fellow Pack Rats for your help with your used equipment that I purchased, or was donated to me for the Jan Contest.  It's not easy as a newbie to learn a new aspect of the hobby and outfit your Rover set up with all of the costs of antennas and equipment today and budgeting. I have been able to scrape together a very effective 4 lower band Rover with the help of these generous fellow Rats. This contest I am able to upgrade all of my antennas with more gain for my overlook locations on all 4 bands.

I am pleased to report that "your old antenna has'' new life on the air" and will be used during my Rove over Jan 20 and Jan 21st. It will be fun to work your old antenna as you pay it forward with more contacts. Each antenna will be used during different stops based on the set up time and location.

Again, thank you again for helping this "Newbie" learn the ropes as a new Rover, my scores will also be attributed to the Mount Air VHF Pack Rats. 

Fellow Rat and Rover

Scott AA2SD/R

Equipment Contributions