SJRA Bowmans Hill Activation

SJRA Completes a Washington Crossing POTA Park Activation with (4) Operators

AA2SD-  Sunday April 28, 2024  - The South Jersey Radio Association successfully activated the Bowman's Hill location located at the Washington Crossing Historical Park POTA US-6432. This park was activated with (4) SJRA operators, AA2SD Scott, Glen KE2BUO, Melissa  KE2BWZ and Robert KF2Z. 

“It was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures near 75 degrees, we worked 6 Mtrs, 20 Mtrs, 40 and 10 Mtrs. During most of the activation we had (3) operators on the air simultaneously as K2AA.  We were very pleased to make contacts with many local SJRA and Pack Rat members.” says Scott D AA2SD.  

Bowman's Hill Tower rising 125 feet in the air atop Bowman’s Hill and offering a 14-mile view on a clear day, Bowman’s Hill Tower is a favorite stop for locals, ham radio operators, and lots of motorcyclist enthusiasts. Although you can not operate from the Tower, the picnic area and parking lot are ideal spots with an elevation of 380 feet. The equipment used during the POTA operation included (2) FT991A radios, (1) FT891 and (3) quick setup vertical antennas, along with a Par 6 Mtr Moxon antenna horizontally  mounted on a short push up pole

Congratulations to Melissa KE2BWZ and Glen KE2BUO, as they have become excellent POTA Operators and contribute to the local Ham Community as they activate many Parks on the Air Locations.