Local Clubs

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Why Join a Local Ham Radio Club ?

Joining an Amateur Radio club gives you access to not just one, but a group of Elmers—experienced ham radio operators who can help you get off on the right foot. Additionally, clubs often present speakers—either in person or via the Internet on current Amateur Radio topics. If you are new to the Hobby, like me, you can benefit from the knowledge from a local club. A local Ham Club can offer experienced Elmers as your explore the many facets of Ham Radio.

Locally, New Jersey and PA, offer a wider range of Ham Radio Amateur Radio Clubs, I have listed just a few below. You can also visit the ARRL link and search for affiliated clubs within your own area.

Why Join a Local Ham Radio Club?

  • Great Social activity, meet new people and Network with Elmers on the Hobby

  • Attend a Club Zoom or Web presentation

  • Community Service - many clubs offer program to interact with the local community

  • Expand your knowledge into other aspects of the Ham Radio Hobby

  • Attend a Field Day

  • Learn new skills from experienced operators

South Jersey Radio Association K2AA

Delaware Valley Friends Ham Radio Club


Phil-Mount Radio Club


The 3905 Century Club

South Jersey Radio Association K2AA

Phil-Mont Radio Club

Mt Airy VHF Radio Club

Marple Newtown Amateur Radio Club

Gloucester County Amateur Radio Club


Burlington County Radio Club

Cape May County Amateur Radio Club

Philadelphia County ARES

Amateur Radio Club at the University of Pennsylvania