CQ VHF Contest

Dear Fellow Club Members and Friends

Thanks to all that worked for me on Saturday and Sunday this weekend, 95 degree weather, thunderstorms, and low Contest activity !  A total of 40 contacts on 2 Mtr and 6 Mtr SSB from (2) Grid squares...in the local area.

Follow along with this YouTube Video Link


73 Scott



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SJRA Member K2AA

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Delaware  Valley Friends Club member K3DVF

You Tube Video of CQ Word Wide Contest from AA2SD

2023 CQ World Wide VHF Contest

Begins: 1800 UTC Saturday, July 15

Ends: 2100 UTC Sunday, July 16

Link to Official Page

Saturday July 15th  2PM EST 

Belmont Plateau West Fairmont Park - Philadelphia



Track my location on APRS.FI by entering SSID number AASD-5

Hello Club Members and all Friends. 

I will  be Roving to (2) locations during Saturday and Sunday for the CQ Worldwide VHF Contest this weekend.  You can track my location on APRS.FI by entering SSID number AASD-5 Please follow me on the APRS.fi mobile app at the following link and enter APRS SSID number AASD-5 to track my location. I plan to use a 10 element 2 meter Diamond antenna for 2 mtrs and a Moxon for 6 mtrs with a push up pole at each location, with good elevation. The contest details can be found here. https://cqww-vhf.com/rules.htm

Time and setup may vary based on weather conditions, antenna set up  and travel time at each location.

6 and 2 meter bands 

Sunday July 16th 9AM EST 

Valley Forge Historic National Park



Track my location on APRS.FI by entering SSID number AASD-5

Sunday July 16th   11 AM EST     Valley Forge Historic National Park  AA2SD/R  Rover  Grid Square FN20gc

2M SSB calling frequency is 144.200 MHz