KC2SGV Antenna Build

SJRA Member Joe “KC2SGV” Expands His Station Capability with a 40 Foot Tower and Lower Signal Capability

Joe DeMarco “KC3SGV”, a licensed Extra since July of 2017, and a SJRA member located in Egg Harbor completed a custom tower installation at his property with (4) band capability. As part of this project Joe built his own 6 Mtr 3 Element Beam antenna. Joe now has the capability for extended HF operation with Tri Band beam for HF, a 6 Mtr beam, 222 MHz and 70CM.

Joe completed a comprehensive overall on the tower with a  custom lowering mechanism in place. Joe has been diligently working on this project over the last year, and was pleased to finally erect the tower and start working stations on these new bands. As part of this project Joe was supported with advice from SJRA member Ray “N3RG” on the antenna construction. Congratulations to Joe on expanding his capability and we all look forward to working him during the VHF contests, and he now has greater reach for DX stations.