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AA2SD/R  Rover

AA2SD Parks on the Air 

I operate within the local Southern New Jersey Area including,  South Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Philadelphia.  Thank you for contacting me on Parks on the Air,  I activate parks for K2AA South Jersey Radio Association and I am a active Limited  Class Rover for Mounty Airy Pack Rats.

I also operate as a Rover in the field for the ARRL VHF Contests with call sign AA2SD/R.  You can view the You Tube AA2SD/R channel here.

"Get Out in a Park and Activate Today"

AA2SD/R Fast Rove Plan for (2) Days June 2024 ARRL VHF Contest

For the June 2024  VHF Contest I plan to fast Rove to (2) converging grids square locations. The first Grid Square convergence is located South of Binghamton NY (FN 11, FN22 and FN12). The second location is West of the W3CCX Camelback Pack Rats set up (FN10, FN21, FN20). All with good elevation overlooks and within radio reach of the Pack Rats and other operators.

I plan to only operate with updated Halo Loops and Amps, and a push up mast moxon. This will be a much quicker pace for me at each location, no antennas set up, I only plan to spend 1 hour at each location operating and will work FT8 in the evening.  You can follow me on APRS at APRS.FI  or the with live location updates to point your beams.

I am calling this my Born to Run Rove in the Mountains !

During the contest you can track at the following links below:

Harry W. Densham Award Amateur of the year 2023 SJRA

The SJRA Amateur of the Year Award was established in 1950 to recognize individual members for their work in the advancement of amateur radio and their contributions to SJRA. The award was renamed for Harry W. Densham in 1965, the year of his death.  Harry Densham was one of the original founders of SJRA (then known as the South Jersey Wireless Association).  The recipient is selected by the SJRA Awards Committee.

ARRL VHF Contest Awards

ARRL January VHF Contest 2024

First Place Rover Award Low Power

What is Roving?

A Mobile station that travels during a contest to activate multiple geographic locations (typically grid squares) during the course of a contest.

Sept VHF Contest 1st Place Limited Rover Atlantic Division

June VHF Contest 2nd Place Limted Rover Atlantic Divison

222 and Up Contest 2nd Place Limited Rover Atlantic Divison

What is a VHF Contest Rover?

Parks on the Air Activator Awards

What is Parks on the Air POTA ?

What is Parks on the Air? - POTA - Parks on the Air ® (POTA) is a  site for international portable amateur radio operations that promote emergency awareness and communications from national/federal and state/provincial level parks.  

Parks On The Air (POTA) is an amateur radio operating award program started in 2010 with its nonprofit organization being founded in 2018 that encourages amateur radio operators to operate in a variety of parks and public lands as a portable station. Activations can take place during other events such as Field Day. 

AA2SD Local New Jersey Amateur Operating Activating Local Parks

AA2SD amateur  radio operator Parks on the Air (POTA Activations)  AA2SD is an amateur Ham Radio Operator located in New Jersey. Follow AA2SD with on the Parks on the Air POTA  activations in New Jersey Parks on the Air ℠.

 (POTA) is an ongoing program, it encourages amateur radio operators in developing their skills, fostering community and demonstrating the hobby to the public. There are thousands of parks available in the program and each will present a unique experience. 

Valley Forge National Park

Ridley Creek State Park

Follow AA2SD with Parks On The Air POTA Activations in NJ

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Parks on the Air AA2SD K2AA Neshaminy State Park K 1390

Fort Mott Parks K 1617 on the Air Activation

Salem River Wildlife Management Area K 8050 Parks on the Air K2AA AA2SD Delta Loop Antenna

Thundergut Pond Wildlife Management Area K 8054 AA2SD K2AA

Concrete Ship Atlantus Cape May Point Park K 1610

Parks on the Air POTA K 6609 Emilio Carranzo Memorial 

Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site


Cape May Park K-1610

Parks on the Air POTA NJ White Oak Branch Wildlife Management Area K2AA AA2SD

Parks on the Air New Jersey Activation Gouldsboro State Park 1357 AA2SD K2AA Ham Radio

Edwin B Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge Park K 0453

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge 

East End Point Light House POTA Activation K 8042

Hammonton Creek Parks Wildlife Management Area Parks on the Air K0841

View my most recent POTA Activations below 

Parks on the Air Parvin State Park Activation

Parks on the Air Green Bank Activation


Press Release 2023 Field Day 

2023 ARRL Field Day — June 24 – 25th 2023

South Jersey Radio Association  Ham Radio Operators On the Air for Nationwide Event June 24th to 25th 2023

For Immediate Release

2023 ARRL Field Day — June 24 – 25th 2023

South Jersey Radio Association  Ham Radio Operators On the Air for Nationwide Event June 24th to 25th 2023

For Immediate Release

Ham radio operators from the South Jersey Radio Association in Southern New Jersey will be participating in a national amateur radio exercise from 2:00 PM June 24th on Saturday local time and will continue to operate for 24 hrs. until 2:00 PM on Sunday June 25thd. The event is ARRL Field Day (, an annual amateur radio activity organized since 1933 by ARRL, The National Association for Amateur Radio in the United States.

Hams from across North America ordinarily participate in Field Day by establishing temporary ham radio stations in public locations to demonstrate their skill and service. Their use of radio signals, which reach beyond borders, bring people together while providing essential communication in the service of communities. Field Day highlights ham radio’s ability to work reliably under any conditions from almost any location and create an independent, wireless communications network.

Ham Radio operators all over the country will also use the radio stations set up in their homes or taken to their backyards and other locations to operate individually or with their families. Many hams have portable radio communication capability that includes alternative energy sources such as generators, solar panels, and batteries to power their equipment. 

This year's event is also noteworthy given that a particularly active hurricane season is predicted. “Hams have a long history of serving our communities when storms or other disasters damage critical communication infrastructure, including cell towers,” said Scott S, South Jersey club member, (call sign AA2SD). “Ham radio functions completely independently of the internet and phone systems and a station can be set up almost anywhere in minutes. Hams can quickly raise a wire antenna in a tree or on a mast, connect it to a radio and power source, and communicate effectively with others,”Scott D added. 

During Field Day 2021, more than 26,000 hams participated from thousands of locations across North America. According to ARRL, there are more than 750,000 amateur radio licensees in the US, and an estimated 3 million worldwide. 

Among the tenets of the Amateur Radio Service is developing and practicing skills in radio technology and radio communications, and even contributing to international goodwill. Hams range in age from as young as 9 to older than 100. A self-study license guide is available from ARRL: The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual ( and for Kindle (


For more information about ARRL Field Day South Jersey Radio event, contact 

In the South Jersey Area, the South Jersey Radio Association will be demonstrating Amateur Radio at the Savich Farm Field, which is across Main Street in Marlton from the Indian Springs Golf Course, Marlton, NJ 08053. The public is invited to come see amateur radio in action. Additional areas can be found on our web site and

Ken Botterbrodt
15 Pelham Road
Marlton, NJ 08053

856.983.1924 x3 (Home) 609.304.7699 (Cell)



The South Jersey Radio Association Established in 1916 is the Oldest Continuously Meeting Amateur Club in North America. Over the years Amateur Radio Operators have stood to provide critical communications in the event of various emergencies.  About South Jersey Radio Association - The SJRA operates the K2AA Repeater located in Medford, NJ and the K2UK Repeater located in Pine Hill, NJ. Both Repeaters are FM and C4FM compatible. The repeaters are open for use without restriction to all licensed amateur operators.